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Lessons Learned from Implementing a Fully Digital Hospital

Lessons Learned from Implementing a Fully Digital Hospital

In healthcare these days, the most challenging information technology efforts are the successful implementation of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Computerized Provider Order Entry system (CPOE) and all the needed interfaces that support these two massive (and incredibly important) systems. During my tenure as Chief Executive Officer for a hospital in Colorado, I had the pleasure of overseeing both of these implementations as we completed a journey from paper to fully digital. Focusing on the CPOE implementation and the critical interactions with physicians, below are nine key strategies that leadership will need to employ to ensure a successful CPOE implementation:

  1. Physicians must have a voice in the process

  2. Build credibility with physicians beforehand

  3. Respond effectively and in a timely manner

  4. Explain the value

  5. “At the elbow” support

  6. Local voice

  7. Customization

  8. Presence

  9. Key metrics

Details around each of the 9 strategies follow...

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Some IT Leadership Principles for CEO’s & Business Leaders

Some IT Leadership Principles for CEO’s & Business Leaders

I recently was asked to participate on a panel of technology leaders presenting to a group of CEOs. As I only had 10 minutes to give some advice and tips on how to effectively leverage technology, I did my best to pare down my thoughts to a short set of principles:

  • First People – then Process – then Technology

  • Never abdicate your responsibility for your company’s technology

  • Have a solid, documented IT strategy

  • Practice Rhythm of Review

  • Know your total cost of IT

  • Strive for simplicity

  • Proactively manage security and risk

  • Be a very tough, but very fair customer

  • Know ALL your “IT people” – treat them as one team

  • You get what you pay for – invest wisely and as part of a plan

  • Be wary of tech trends

Detailed explanations for each principle follow...

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Have to Give that Uncomfortable Bad Performance Review? Let Your Employee Talk First

Have to Give that Uncomfortable Bad Performance Review? Let Your Employee Talk First

No matter how experienced you are as a manager it's never fun to give a negative review to an employee, much less fire someone.

I recently gave some advice to a colleague who was lamenting going into a performance review for one of his people who was delivering far below expectations. It was at the point where if major improvements weren't made soon he would have to be fired. My approach helped and he just e-mailed me saying the discussion went much better than expected, so I thought I'd share the leadership tip.

When you sit down face to face with that problem employee for the dreaded bad review, before you go into your documented laundry list of their problems, weaknesses, and failings - let them talk first.

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A Quick Team Assessment Tool

A Quick Team Assessment Tool

Attached to this post is a tool I designed to quickly assess the strength of any team I'm managing.  As a leader there is nothing more important to your success than building up a winning team.

Download Visular-Team_Assessment_Tool_v02

This tool is strongly influenced by the GE leadership approach to managing people - focusing on A players and exiting C players.  It is NOT a substitute for a full employee management process (role documents, goal setting, performance reviews, merit-based bonuses, etc.).  Instructions for using the tool are included in the file.

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Back to Basics - Meeting Agendas (And More Importantly - Objectives)

Back to Basics - Meeting Agendas (And More Importantly - Objectives)

When you think of the salary (or hourly rate) of every person sitting in a meeting, even the smallest are quite expensive to any organization.  Why is it then that so many meetings happen with no stated objectives or even a simple written agenda?

Attached is my basic meeting agenda format that I try to use for all my meetings.  Many of my colleagues have found this template valuable.  Feel free to customize it as necessary for your needs.

Download Visular-Meeting_Agenda_Template_v03

The most critical elements for an effective meeting are clear, documented objectives, a detailed, timed agenda, and the right attendees in the room.  I also find it helpful to identify the key inputs required in advance so you're not all sitting around saying, "why didn't anyone bring the sales figures?".

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