Get leaders on the same page to make the best technology investment and innovation decisions.


Multiple competing priorities vie for precious money and time.  It is both essential and challenging to clearly articulate your technology needs and determine which are truly differentiating for your business.   Whether it's selecting the perfect ERP, prioritizing software development enhancements, or upgrading your IT infrastructure, getting these decisions right can often mean the difference between growing your business and going out of business.

How we can help

Visular can work with you to objectively clarify and prioritize your requirements with unparalleled speed.  Beyond being being solution-agnostic and vendor-independent, our experts have held full-time positions with the responsibility to collaborate with stakeholders and make tough technology decisions.  Having our experienced leaders on your side enables you to make the necessary tactical calls to support your mission with crystal clear focus and enthusiastic buy-in.

  • Project, Program and Portfolio Management Services & Virtual PMO

  • ERP Needs Assessment & Selection

  • Software & Technology Search and Selection


  • Harmonized business and technology strategy

  • More technology options evaluated with greater speed and effective decision making with rock solid rationale

  • Customers and business leaders actively engaged and feeling ownership of your technology solutions

Get peace of mind . . .

Talk to us about how to gain business alignment with your technology strategy for more effective decision making.


Buy-in works . . .

“As a growing company in the process of acquiring another business, we are using Visular to improve our current IT backbone and grow intelligently.”

Fritz Prine - President and CFO - Westfield Steel

"Visular is a powerful ally to have when getting various resources aligned around a goal and executing against it."

Joel Kennedy - COO - Pelican Auto Finance